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Hyper-ionizing is an advanced energy compressing method, number 1 among engine and gear wear protection. Additionally, the engine of a middle size volume (2L) car wastes up to 600 liters of fuel for each 50 000 km; trucks’ engines waste up to 2 000 liters of diesel fuel for 100 000 km! Stop that fuel waisting and save the environment! Purchase your


Save your car's body with Selfclean


Recover your engine with Powercode


Maximize your engine's power with Powercode

HI-TECH fuel and power Efficiency

Techniques & Product designed by Storm’s Lab for Automotive Industry to achive the ” Net Zero” agenda smooth and soon.

Power Code

5 ml of highly ionized fuel works as an initiator of the fuel’s converting reaction that in a few hours completely ionizes the fuel content within the vehicle’s fuel tank, converting conventional fuel of EVERY TYPE into an excellent quality fuel that burns cleanly, releases energy to its fullest potential and produces minimal exhaust gases with less CO and unburned carbon content.

This makes your engine stay cleaner and produces energy in the same quantity as the fuel itself, saving up to 30% of the fuel’s consumption while driving.

has yet another unique property – it cleans the entire engine from inside; starting with spark- plugs to the exhaust gas catalyst, lengthening its life spans. Even a nearly “dead” catalyst is renewed, beginning a “second life” and becoming more active in cleaning unburned exhaust gases, resulting in an absolutely clean state!

Here’s an attention-grabbing fact: After applying FUEL BOOSTER to bio-diesel, the energy output becomes much higher than before. More importantly, it will then burn even cleaner and with greater energy output. We guarantee a diesel saving well over 20% (as much as 30%, depending on driving style) of fuel consumption.

The new Fuel Booster is so formulated that it can be used for every kind of engine, including diesel, all gasoline/fuel engines. It is completely compatible with all existing engine systems available on today’s market.

Also for Fuel Booster applies: The volume of saving is depends on the style of driving. Experiments have shown that an US 4$ application of Fuel Booster saves you at least 10liter gas/fuel or 12liter on diesel/bio-diesel.

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